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Ashdar, part of the Ashtrom Group, is a leading development company engages in initiating, building and marketing high quality housing developments all over Israel.

Ashdar markets and populates about 600 dwellings per annum, with thousands more dwelling units in the pipeline in various stages of statutory planning and approval.  The high priority given by the company to its customers' needs is what has put Ashdar in a leading position in its field for so many years.

Ashdar specializes in creating an innovative housing concept based on:

The erection of buildings to their fine details, which blend in housing estates, that contain a range of services accessible to residents.

Ashdar's neighbourhoods often include shopping centers and leisure facilities and always embraced by landscaping and pleasing environmental development.

Ashdar also operates through Ashdar Boutique in the promotion of urban renewal, participating in all stages of the initiation, development and marketing of Vacate-and-Build and NOP (National Outline Plan) 38 projects. In this context clients are provided with close support and personal attention in designing their homes in projects situated in the centres of built-up areas in Israel.

Ashdar has been offering high-quality solutions in the residential sector for over 40 years, in the course of which it has provided homes for thousands of families all over the country, expecting to retain its position as a leader of this field for many years to come.

 Ashdar is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the symbol ASDR.