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Ashtrom Concessions, of the Ashtrom Group, is in charge of public infrastructure, construction and transport projects, carried out in partnership with the public sector (PPP) and those financed by the Ashtrom Group (PFI). These projects are built and operated under close supervision and with a constant commitment to improve the quality of life of the public using the facilities and infrastructures built by Ashtrom.

In recent years the Ashtrom Group has successfully completed the Jerusalem LRT Project (Light Rail - Transit concession), the Carmel Tunnels Project  in Haifa (concession) and the erection of four court houses: Lod District Court and Petah Tikva, Herzliyya and Ashkelon Magistrates Courts, in which the construction was financed by Ashtrom (PFI).

The Ashtrom Group recently won the Haifa Rented Housing Tender, in which it will build and operate about 180 residential units, some of them will be let under controlled rents.

Ashtrom possesses proven design and operational capabilities, as well as employing a skilled staff, highly experienced in all types of DBOT and PFI projects and their derivatives.

Ashtrom is involved in and devotes a considerable investment to every single phase of the work, in order to ensure the success of the projects both at the local and global levels.

The tasks undertaken by the Group are efficient design-to-needs of the project, accurate financial closure with the lenders, controlled construction at all levels of the scheme and project operation from a broad service-oriented perspective.

The Ashtrom Group regards the implementation of concession projects, the demand for which is continuously growing, as an important element of Ashtrom’s strategic long term vision.