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Ashtrom Industries is engaged in the production, marketing, and sale of high-quality materials for the construction industries.

The company, through a group of subsidiaries delivers efficient and high-quality solutions backed by the Standards Mark of the SII (Standards Institute of Israel).

Ashtrom Industries operates mainly in the following fields:

  • Concrete and Mortar Industries—Israbeton supplies concrete and mortar products to all parts of Israel for large-scale building and infrastructure products around the clock.
  • White Blocks for Green Building—Ashkalit 268 manufactures white autoclaved blocks possessing mechanical strength and insulating properties of up to three times the usual values achieved in the construction block market. The white block bears the SII Standards Mark and Green Label.
  • Gypsum Blocks for Advanced Construction—Ashbond manufactures gypsum interlocking blocks for quick and easy construction without compromising quality. The Ashbond block bears the SII Standards Mark and Green Label.
  • Waterproofing and Insulation Systems—Itumit provides and implements reliable waterproofing solutions in all types of construction and infrastructure projects.
  • Finishing Products and Paints—B. G. Technologies is the leading brand name for adhesive, coating, and cladding materials. The company holds the SII Standards Mark and Green Label certifications.
  • Quarries and Raw Materials for the Construction Industries—Netivei Adumit and Netivei Beitar supply a range of high quality raw, mined and quarried materials for the building industries and the infrastructures sector.