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Accessibility Statement

Entrepreneurship and Land Development

Ashdar specializes in entrepreneurship and land development, possessing notable experience in the location of land and its acquisition from government or private bodies, and having the requisite financial soundness for securing all types of transactions.

Ashdar attaches the greatest importance to the project design stage, whether a luxury residential tower block is involved, or a high density housing estate.

The design technique adopted by Ashdar is that of “Interior-Exterior” based on three elements:

  • The individual dwelling unit—attention paid to creating interior spaces providing an optimal response in terms of both design and functionality;
  • The building—emphasis on vertical and horizontal flow between private and public areas, as well as the appearance of the entire structure;
  • The neighbourhood—special importance attached to the alignment and position of the buildings in the public space, creation of a family-community fabric for residents and overall environmental awareness.

Thanks to all of this, Ashdar leads in the field of housing development and generates added value in every transaction and new project, in which it sets the tone.