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The Ashtrom Group has been active in the field of construction for over 50 years, holding all required classifications for various types of construction and infrastructure projects, and with no financial ceiling.

The Ashtrom construction companies rely on skilled staff with proven capabilities, deployed in plants and building sites all over the country, orchestrating an extensive logistic and technological organization.

The Ashtrom Group provides a comprehensive design, operational, and management solution, directly and through its companies, for projects in these principal areas:

  • Infrastructures and Mega-Projects
  • Residential Buildings
  • Public Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Office Blocks
  • Retail and Industrial Facilities
  • Educational, Community, and Security Institutions
  • Industrial Building Plants
  • Groundwork and Underground Infrastructures

The Ashtrom construction companies adhere to a scale of values based on a high standard of construction. This standard is achieved by employing a skilled and dedicated staff, with a firm commitment to meeting budgets and schedules, undivided attention to customer satisfaction, and strong environmental awareness.