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Industrial Building Plants

The Ashtrom Group was a pioneer in industrial building in Israel when it set up its first plant in the country in 1963 on the Ashdod dunes.

Over five decades have elapsed since then and the Industrial Building Plants of Ashtrom continue to produce an enormous range of prefabricated elements for the building and infrastructure sectors.

The Ashtrom Group has always ensured that the plants continuously renew themselves and introduce innovations, breaking product marketing records, and remain comfortably at the forefront of their field.

Ashtrom Industrial Building Plants specialize in the manufacture and marketing of the following:

  • Beams—for the assembly of structures and bridges, in a range of cross-sections
  • Pre-stressed Slabs—for ceilings of various thicknesses
  • Façade Walls—a wide range of façade elements in differing and varied finishes
  • Architectural Concrete Panels—in a variety of finishes
  • Railway Sleepers—sole supplier to Israel Railways
  • Incremental Launching Bridges —complex structural elements
  • Protective Concrete Structures—approved by the Ministry of Defense

The Ashdod Plants also manufacture the Ashkubit—which has become a generic descriptor trademark for transportable concrete structures—for consumers in the Defense, Prison Service, and private sectors.

The Ashtrom Group regards industrialized building in terms of a vision combining engineering innovation and creativity, controlled and high quality production, and the achievement of maximum efficiency of construction in the field to accommodate tight schedules.